Introducing Q Wander and Q Marshal

We spilled the beans five months ago, and now it’s time for you to get your hands on the newest generation of Fossil Q Smartwatches: Q Wander and Q Marshal.

Q Wander and Q Marshal join Q Founder as our newest display smartwatches that perfectly marry function and style, along with a digital experience (essential to our day-to-day lives)—all from your wrist.

Both smartwatches come in several different styles like stainless steel, leather and silicone straps, not to mention new metal platings. Q Wander has a sleek, round face and its smaller case makes it a great option for women who like our iconic boyfriend look. Q Marshal combines sporty and casual details in a slimmer case than Q Founder, making it super comfortable to wear every day.

We also made sure each new watch has interchangeable strap functionality so you can customize each one (or all of them) to fit your personal style.

We know you’re curious about the new features of Q Wander and Q Marshal, so check out the most-asked questions below.

Why should I own a smartwatch?

Q Wander and Q Marshal are daily companions that happen to have touchscreen functionality and classic good looks. You’ll be able to see who’s texting, calling or emailing you, get the motivation you need to stay active, express your personal style and control your music directly on your smartwatch.

What’s the difference between these new smartwatches and Q Founder?

Q Wander and Q Marshal’s case size is 45mm, whereas Q Founder has a 47mm case. The new smartwatches also have a microphone and speaker, which means you can reply to emails and texts on the fly.


I want to customize my new smartwatch. Where do I start?

You can always get new 22mm straps (switching is super easy with our quick release functionality!). Customizing your smartwatch’s faces can be done with a simple swipe!

How long does the smartwatch’s battery last? How do I change it?

Q Wander and Q Marshal’s battery life is estimated to last all day. Charging is extra-practical with the small, magnetic USB charger.


Will I be able to pair more than one smartwatch to the Android Wear App?

Yes, you can! Just follow the steps on the app.

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