Mechanicals: What Makes Him Tick-Tock to Style

Mechanical watches are a staple at Fossil. Daring and complex inside and out, these motion-powered watches create an unforgettable impression. Since their origin in 17th-century Europe, there’s always something inherently handsome about a mechanical’s unique craftsmanship. We love to take the best of that past and add a modern touch. Whether we’re exposing the inner workings on our dials or adding spring-worthy colors to our straps, we’re maintaining the delicate balance between vintage and contemporary design.

But what makes our classic(ish) guy so mechanically inclined? What attracts him to the old-yet-refreshingly-new watch? How does he really wear our wristwear? We asked several of our Fossil kin to explain their fascination with this movement and how they style their always innovative mechanicals.

“This Townsman automatic is one of the coolest watches I’ve ever owned. The amber crystal dial and see-through mechanicals have that vintage feel we all love at Fossil, but the watch itself is very modern. I like wearing it with chambray shirts and casual pants, or a suit and tie if the occasion calls for it.” —Senior Art Director Dustin Wallace
“From uptown to downtown to out of town, this watch fits it all. I can dress it up for a night out or dress it down when I take my pup to the dog park. It easily complements casual style and adds a pop of color to my wardrobe.” —Senior Marketing Specialist Barry Bartoszek
“What I love the most about my Fossil Townsman automatic is its sophisticated style and the design behind it. I can pair it with my most tailored suits or my most destroyed jeans, because it looks cool with everything. I get so many compliments on it and when I tell people that it's also an automatic, it blows them away!” —Senior Visual Merchandising Manager Corey de Zotto