Meet The New Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches

The world of Fossil Q smartwatches is getting bigger and bigger. When we decided to distort the world of wearables, one thing always came to mind: we wanted our smartwatches to have the classic good looks of our favorite watches. Which brings us to our new collection of hybrid smartwatches that blend classic design with smart connectivity.
Q Gazer

At first glance, you see four analog watches—Q Nate and Q Crewmaster have the casual, sporty feel he loves, while Q Tailor and Q Gazer keep things stylish and effortless for her.  Much to our delight, these smartwatches do much more than tell the time: they alert you of smartphone notifications, count your steps (and sleep) through the Fossil Q App and have the new Q Link technology, which lets you choose between ringing your phone, controlling your music or taking a photo.

Not excited about having to charge yet another smart device? These watches’ battery lasts up to six months and we’ll replace it for free during your first year of use. Seriously cool, right?

How does one receive notifications if the watch doesn’t have a display screen? It’s all in the sub-eye, the watch hands and vibrating alerts. You can toggle between functions with the three buttons on the right: the top button shows you the date, the middle one lets you switch between modes and the bottom one activates the Q LINK functionality you previously set up.

Take a closer look at the dial and you’ll see the sub-eye hand moving as it tracks your activity throughout the day (and moving in celebration when you achieve your daily step goal). The sub-eye also lets you see a second time zone, the last alert received, alarm, and date.

Check out the YouTube video to learn how to set up your hybrid smartwatch.  In the meantime, get ready to wow everyone you know with your wrist companion! And if you ever feel like changing its look, the quick release pin lets you switch between stainless steel, leather and silicone straps within seconds—no tools required.
Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches are available for pre-order today and in stores on September 25.
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