Meet the New Q Hybrid Smartwatches: Q Grant and Q Modern Pursuit

New year, new you, but not without a new Q hybrid smartwatch on your side. Filtered notifications, sleep and activity tracking, and even a selfie button are just a few of the hybrid smartwatches’ functionalities.
One thing is clear; there is a smartwatch function for everyone. You may be more interested in tracking your sleep and receiving message notifications, while your partner is all about controlling his music and reaching his step goals. Here’s the thing—the way you customize your goals and utilize the smart connectivity of your watch is 100% up to you!
As there appear more and more scenarios where we picture tom(girls) and classic(ish) guys with our Q hybrid smartwatches, it made perfect sense to expand our line with all-time favorite analog designs into smartwatches; which brings us to the new Q Grant and Q Modern Pursuit.
Q Grant looks just like its analog counterpart, except for the dial sub-eye. Classic(ish) guys already love this vintage-inspired timepiece, and now we’ve proven that traditional watch making and contemporary function can truly blend.
On the other hand, Q Modern Pursuit is the ultimate athleisure watch thanks to its silicone strap and mesh-like dial texture. Get ready to make this your new workout buddy. Pick one of the new (oh-so) stylish colorways to wear with your fave jeans, winter whites, not to mention your comfy athleisure gear!
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