April 24, 2017

We’ve partnered with actor, musician, and master of reinvention Leslie Odom Jr. on our Fossil Firsts campaign. When we spoke with Leslie, he had his own story of “firsts” shared with his First Fossil as well as his new Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch .

First Fossil?

"My wife got me my first Fossil watch actually. It was a Christmas gift a few years ago."

First Role?

"Martin Luther King Jr. in my Kindergarten Black History Month pageant. I wasn’t required to learn all of the lines but I worked very diligently with my mother every single night to learn all of those words."

First Night of Hamilton?

"The biggest lesson for me stepping on a broadway stage for the first time was, it really doesn’t matter if you’re in the church basement, a nursing home or the stages of the world it’s the same passion and same integrity you carry with you from stage to stage."

What function of your smartwatch makes your life more efficient?

"As a music lover it’s so great that I can build playlists on my watch—again helping me stay connected to the things I’m most passionate about without having to be so dependent on my cell phone. There are so many great functionalities that really help me keep my hectic schedule intact. The smartphone notifications are amazing at reminding me of upcoming appointments and meetings. I am busy these days running from this meeting to that performance—I like to keep my schedule as streamlined as possible. Receiving notifications directly to my watch, I can put away my phone and focus on the things that matter."

How do you make (your) time more meaningful?

"I’m about to become a dad. Life is soon going to be a big balancing act, even more so than the past couple years. It will be even more important to find time to balance family, career, and free time. I'm committed to making the most of each precious and fleeting moment."

Quickfire Questions:

Q: The best advice you've been given?

A: From a mentor of mine. He said, “Sure you can quit, we can talk about that. But before you quit, I’d like to see you try.”


Q: Which came first? Singing or acting?

A: Singing first. Like all good storytellers I was roped into stories when I saw them, so I didn’t really know those people were acting. I didn’t know that was a job. Singing, clearly that was a party trick. It was something you could stand up on a table and do. Acting, the skill is more hidden so I didn’t notice it for a long time.


Q: What’s your dream role?

A: (Aaron Burr from Hamilton) That was my dream role, if I hadn’t played it...that would be my dream role.


Q: Describe your style.

A: My personal style is simple and elegant because I think that’s the stuff that’s going to age best. I’m trying not to have moments like my parents have, the moments in the photo album where you’re like “what are you wearing??”


Q: What’re your favorite apps?

A: Twitter is an app I check a lot, Instagram, the Calendar app is probably the app I can’t get through the day without, I depend on it a lot.


Q: What’re you looking forward to this Father’s Day?

A: The awful Father’s Day gifts. The worst gifts you can imagine ugly ties and tools you’ll never use. I’ll wear it with pride, it’s a badge of honor to get awful Father’s Day gifts.