Personalisation Shop

Getting Personal It's time we got personal. Our Personalisation Shop shows we mean business. Displaying your initials on your handbag, workbag or engraved on your watch and jewellery shows that it's special to you—or simply that you like this added dimension of design. (And doesn't make you feel a little more sophisticated?) Either way, personalisation is clearly not only added design, it's added personal value. Personalisation shows that without a doubt, you care about the recipient and what you've chosen.

Our Personalisation Shop Takes Sophistication to the Next Level

Now you can impress the people you love most with an extra special element added to your gift of a leather handbag, purse, workbag or weekender. Choose gold, silver or branded monogram embossing to that bag and you've just secured a spot at the top of their "favourite ever" gifts.

Watch For Personalisation

Have you ever held a special pocket watch that may have been handed down? It was probably engraved with initials and maybe even a date. Whatever happened to special touches like that? Well, we wondered the same thing. So we decided to bring it back starting now with our Personalisation Shop. Watches are special gifts and personalisation makes them even more special to the recipient. And we wouldn't think of leaving jewellery out. Make a bracelet even more meaningful with monogram engraving.

Personalisation Makes A Perfect Gift For Others—And Yourself

This goes without saying: Don't forget yourself. We all deserve a little reward to ourselves FROM ourselves now and then. You've been busy thoughtfully gifting others with monogrammed greatness, now it's your turn. It's funny how a beautiful monogrammed piece can make you feel: sophisticated, responsible, smart even? Okay, we're not promising these things but you'll certainly look the part, right?