Interchangeable Purse Straps for Tote Bags & More

Hey there, minimalist. You look like you could use a handbag whose clean, streamlined silhouette is as structured and refined as you like your day to be. We’d like to introduce our collection of tote bags, complete with a range of interchangeable purse straps in go-with-anything colours. They’re ready to join you for whatever adventures you have on the agenda – and keep you feeling organised and looking chic along the way.

Love to shop? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll also love one of our totes with mix-and-match-able purse straps too. Classic silhouettes and an assortment of shapes and sizes make for an easy trip into any shop, since these bags can be packed full of everything from groceries and your favourite vintage clothes shop finds to important documents and your tablet or laptop. Removable pouch options are available to keep your wallet, keys and credit cards safely organised in their own compartment. And with a range of replacement purse straps and leather purse straps to choose from, you’ll be all set for any occasion on any day of the week.

Need A Refresh? Get A Purse Strap Replacement

Seasons change, tastes change, moods change – but that doesn’t mean you and your handbag can’t still be stylish. With stylish replacement purse straps that come in a variety of colours, textures and materials, you’ll be ready to hit the road with a sense of fashionable purpose no matter when the mood strikes you. Whether you choose classic leather purse straps or something bold, bright and colourful, Fossil’s purse strap replacements can ensure that you’ll always be ready for the task at hand.