May 10th, 2017

You’ve heard our casts' #FOSSILFIRSTS stories, but now it’s time to hear from our Fossil headquarter employees. The first on our blog is Evalyn (Evie) German . At Fossil she’s creating our latest emails, catalogs, in-store graphics and SO much more, but outside of the office, Evie illustrates pieces that we all adore. After admiring her work on Instagram  for weeks, we decided it was time to share her incredible work here on our blog. Read Evie’s collection of first stories below to find out everything from her first Fossil watch to her first illustration and how her new Q Hybrid Smartwatch  helps her keep it all together.

Fossil illustrator Evie German poses in front of some of her paintings while wearing a Fossil Q Accomplice hybrid smartwatch.

Q: Tell us about your first Illustration that you can remember.

A: I have two firsts that come to mind. The earliest memory I have is with my Dad. He is an artist, and I wanted to be just like him. I was constantly going to him for advice and begging him to draw with me. I remember sitting with him at his art table, his voice, his smell, his patience. It was the beginning of my life’s passion, of my desire to communicate through words and images. It was the first puzzle piece to who I am, who I would become.

The most recent illustration happened five years ago. After my son was born, I needed to get back to drawing and painting as a way to relax. He inspired so many stories and funny sayings. I was playing around with my watercolors one night when my hand slipped and ruined the whole thing. Ugh. Frustrated, on the verge of ripping it into a million pieces, an image popped into my head. A young girl with dark brown hair with the word Sydney on her shirt. It was the easiest, fastest, and smallest piece and the start of my style and custom child portrait work. Funny how things in life come to fruition, even funnier the tiny illustration looks just like my four-year-old adopted daughter, who we almost named Sydney.

Q: Describe why you’ll always look back to your first illustration?

A:  I have it framed on my desk at work and look at it often. It grounds me and gives me focus. It reminds me that something significant can come out of nowhere. That through frustration comes greatness, and by letting go we allow things to just happen naturally, and it’s beautiful.

Q: What do you love most about illustrating?

A:  Ultimately, I love using my imagination. I love responding to a story, bringing an idea to life or encapsulating a child or adult’s personality on a two-dimensional plane.

A photograph of Evie German's first illustration and some other painting materials.
Fossil illustrator Evie German paints while wearing a Fossil Q Accomplice hybrid smartwatch.

Q: What is your favorite function or notification to receive on your Q Hybrid Smartwatch?

A:  Being alerted that my #1 is calling. It makes me smile every time. You see, you can set your watch to buzz, and the hands rotate to a number you've set on your app when someone is calling. My darling husband is my #1. I LOVE it!

Q: As a working mom, how does your Q Hybrid Smartwatch make your life easier?

A: It gives me shortcuts that save time and energy, and it’s just plain fun! My youngest requests the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” every morning on the way to school. She wants to hold the phone in the back seat. Being able to control the volume, repeat or forward to another song while I’m driving is amazing! It’s safer for Avery, myself and those on the road around me. Another important “mom feature” is the step counter. Q helps me keep track of my steps so, at the very least, I can finish my daily goal and keep on track by chasing them around the house, walking to see the ducks or playing hide-n-go-seek.


Fossil illustrator Evie German poses in front of some of her paintings while wearing a Fossil Q Accomplice hybrid smartwatch.
Fossil illustrator Evie German's paintings and illustrations on display at her home studio.
Fossil illustrator Evie German paints while wearing a Fossil Q Accomplice hybrid smartwatch.



Q: What was your first Fossil watch?

A metallic geometric shaped watch from 2006. My husband gave it to me as a good luck charm for the interview. I guess it worked. ;)


Q: Your first job at Fossil?

A: Sr. Designer on the Fossil Brand art team. Specializing in packaging, and wholesale assets.


Q: Your number one tip for aspiring artists?

A: Don’t give up or lose focus and believe in yourself! My current favorite quote is…"Doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will." by, Suzy Kassel. Just create, create, create what you are most passionate about, and magic will happen.


Q: Your favorite object/person/etc. to sketch?

A: My son Asher and daughter Avery.