How Much Should I Spend On A Smartwatch?

Shopping for smartwatches can be tricky, and if you find yourself asking, "How much should I spend on a smartwatch?" here are a few tips, tricks and pieces of info to consider while you shop.

1. Consider Which Smartwatch Functions Are Worth Paying For

If you're looking for a smartwatch with top-notch functionality, keep in mind that smartwatches with touchscreen dials often cost more than hybrid watches that pack less of a tech punch. Deciding whether you want a touchscreen dial or a smartwatch that looks like a traditional watch is a great place to start. See our comparison chart for a more comprehensive function-by-function breakdown.

Fossil Q smartwatch and hybrid watch

2. Know The Differences Between New (And Old) Products

Smartwatch functionality often develops, evolves and improves over time, so be conscious of first-, second- and third-generation smartwatches—as well as how functionality has changed between generations. If you're willing to have a previous generation rather than the latest version, you can often pay less for a Fossil Q smartwatch. 

3. Determine The Price You'll Pay For Convenience 

If you believe that a smartwatch can truly help streamline your busy life while also keeping you connected to the most important alerts and notifications from your smartphone, then price won't be so much of an issue. If you're still on the fence, though, shop around for different models of smartwatches and hybrid watches, compare functionality and see what makes the most sense with your budget and your tech preferences. 


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