Which Functions Do I Want On A Smartwatch?

Curious about exactly what a smartwatch can do? If you're looking for a timepiece that's as tech-savvy as it is good looking, you'll be pleased to meet our collection of Fossil Q hybrid watches and smartwatches that have been engineered to streamline your active, busy life. Here are a few key functions you'll want to look for from your smartwatch.

Receive notifications from your smartphone on the Fossil Q Explorist smartwatch.

1. Fitness Tracking Functions

Your new smartwatch should be able to keep up with you, whether you're wearing it casually or while you work out. But which functions should you look for in a smartwatch? Trust a Fossil Q smartwatch to count your steps and chart the data, which can help lead you to a more active and fit lifestyle, 

Customize your Fossil Q smartwatch with interchangeable straps.

2. The Ability To Customize 

A good smartwatch should be able to change to suit your mood—and also any occasion. With a Fossil Q smartwatch, you can choose a dial that reflects your favorite color or your favorite look, or you can upload photos from your social media accounts to do the job. Fossil Q smartwatches are also compatible with a range of interchangeable straps. And who doesn't love options? Pick a silicone strap to wear while you sweat at the gym, swap in an elegant leather strap for a classy night out or choose a bracelet strap for a day at the office. While you shop and consider which functions you want in a smartwatch, remember that the best ones allow you to express yourself. 

3. Functions To Keep You Connected

When it comes down to the details, Fossil Q smartwatches can do a wide range of things. You'll be able to receive notifications from your social media accounts, as well as texts, emails and other alerts. Your watch will function seamlessly between time zones, since you'll always be connected. You'll never have to go without music either, because you'll be able to control your whole library with a swipe of a finger from your watch face.   

4. Things That Will Make Your Life Easier

We love smartwatch functions that help make you more efficient, so we've stocked Fossil Q smartwatches with a range of functionality. Use voice activation to cue Google searches from your smartwatch's built-in microphone, or map your next route using Google Maps. You can also set your watch to send you handy traffic reminders to help streamline your commute. Use your smartwatch as your alarm clock, your calendar—there are plenty of efficient functions in store. 

5. Smartwatch Compatibility With Smartphones

The first time you sync your smartwatch with your cellphone, you'll see how seamless and easy Fossil Q smartwatches can get you connected. Using Bluetooth and powered by Android Wear, your new Fossil Q smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 







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