What Is A Hybrid Watch?

Fossil Q Grant hybrid smartwatch in dark brown leather Fossil Q Accomplice hybrid in stainless steel

Fossil Q hybrid smartwatches look like watches, but act like smartwatches. That means that they have all of the technical functionality that touchscreen smartwatches have—only in a sleeker, simpler package. But what can hybrid watches do?

Hybrid Watches Keep You ConnectedFossil Q Accomplice hybrid smartwatch

Using the Fossil Q App, you'll be able to designate hour indices on your watch dial to correspond to contacts in your phone. That way, when your top contacts send you a text or give you a call, the hour hand of your watch will point to the number you set and you'll know exactly who's getting in touch.

Track Your Steps, Sleep & Goals 

While you wear your hybrid watch, it's quietly keeping record of your steps, distance traveled and, should you choose to wear it while you sleep, your sleep duration and quality. All of your stats will be displayed in the Fossil Q App, so you can tailor your step goals for maximum exercise—and your sleep schedule for maximum relaxation. Use the app to chart progress day over day, week over week and month over month, and you'll see how Fossil Q can encourage and support an active and always-connected lifestyle.  

Learn Some Hybrid Watch Shortcuts

Using the buttons on your Q hybrid watch, you'll be able to take snapshots from your phone, control your music, check the date and even more, depending on what you need from your hybrid. You can even set numbers on your watch to correlate to your favorite contacts, so when they call or text your hybrid watch's hour hand will point to the number of your choosing. One thing's for sure: You'll have plenty of options to customize. 

Change Your Hybrid Watch's Whole Look

With a variety of interchangeable straps to choose from, you won't have to stick to the out-of-the-box configuration of your hybrid watch. Add a few straps to your collection—silicone straps to swap in for the gym, leather straps in different hues to match your outfits—and you'll be all set for any and every occasion.


Check out our handy comparison chart to see the differences between traditional watches, hybrids and smartwatches, and shop our favorite Fossil Q hybrid watches now.

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