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Seems like out of all the pieces in the jewellery world, women’s bracelets don’t get their fair share of ooohs and ahhhs. (We’re going to have to blame rings for that one.) If you haven’t thought about bracelets in a while, it’s time to give them a little more attention. And if you’re searching for a bracelet that’s a little more interesting, well, you‘ve come to the right place. That is to say, we‘re not blaming anyone for not giving them more attention; women’s bracelets generally play it safe. They’re beautiful and appreciated, but maybe a little predictable? Where is all the fun, the risk taking? We love taking risks with edgy design, but we also love classics like charm bracelets. Our bracelets range from classic to trend, to a beautiful balance of the in between.


At Fossil, we set out to create anything BUT predictable accessories, jewellery and leather goods. Guided by our vintage-inspired approach to modern design, this feeling and these elements are in everything we design. We go for unexpected elements in each style of our women’s bracelets. You’ll see pops of colour or metal detail on leather bracelets where you least expect them, but now can’t imagine them any other way. Our bracelets for women include silver and gold styles for women including rose gold and yellow gold with pops of sparkle or stone – or any combination. As you may have picked up on, this is where Fossil’s obsession with attention to detail literally shines. We could describe the details but we couldn’t possible do them justice. So in this case, as the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words (seriously, it is).