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As that final touch, necklaces get your point across. A statement necklace takes a black dress from classic to “it” style in a matter of moments. And maybe it’s just us, but we just think nothing quite makes us feel more put together than when we lay that gleaming accessory on.

The attention to every last detail that makes our watch brands some of the best around goes into our necklaces too. From minimalist pendant necklaces to pieces with a little more bling, our necklaces combine quality materials and a passion for design.

Our passion goes back to 1954, the year that defines our creative inspiration. While Fossil wasn’t around until a few decades later, the philosophies of that time still guide everything we do. It’s in our artistic approach to jewellery and necklace design. It’s the beautiful thrills in each piece or that little unexpected detail that simply delights.

Necklaces For Women Make It All Better

We design collections for the woman who feels like something is missing without her daily pieces of jewellery or for the woman who picks out that one piece, the one that makes her stand out and shine.

Whatever inspires you: silver, yellow gold or rose gold necklaces, there’s one you’ll find that just makes you feel good. And that’s the whole point of our jewellery.