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Looking for the timeless style of a traditional watch with all the capabilities of a smartwatch? Our women’s hybrid smartwatches are the answer. The classic design of our hybrids makes them look like a traditional timepiece, but the functionality and technology give them an added bonus and help you keep up with what’s important to you. Our hybrid smartwatches come in durable leather, stainless steel and gold-tone options to give you plenty of choices and match your many moods.

The perfect mix of vintage and modern, our women’s hybrid smartwatches speak to different facets of your personality – giving you all the charm of mid-century style and all the convenience of modern technology. Our hybrid smartwatches are powered by our app and are compatible with Android OS and Apple iOS. We’ve designed and created our hybrid smartwatches to complement your life without compromising your style.


Don’t sacrifice style to achieve technological feats – you can have it all with our hybrid smartwatches. These innovative watches in our hybrid smartwatch women’s collection boast a six-month battery life and feature Bluetooth technology to receive smartphone notifications. These timepieces also track your steps, calories and distance – they even help you achieve personal goals like drinking more water and exercising. Track your less active hours as well with the sleep monitoring feature of our hybrid smartwatch, and say goodbye to that annoying alarm with the gentle vibration feature to help you wake up naturally in the morning.

One of the helpful functionalities of our hybrid smartwatches that we know you’ll love is the ability to find your phone by making it ring with the simple push of a button on your watch. You can also control your music, take photos and see the progress you’ve made toward your health goals with our women’s hybrid smartwatches. Never miss an important communication from your closest friends and family with the “My People” function. Choose up to six VIPs in your contacts list, assign them a number and watch the hands on your hybrid smartwatch move to the number of the person trying to get in touch with you. It’s a great way to keep tabs on what’s going on when you’re out of pocket and can’t check your phone.


Make your hybrid smartwatch reflect your personal style with must-have details like crystal accents, leather straps, a stainless steel or a rose gold bracelet, or Roman numeral indices. Dress it up or dress it down – just make it yours. Confidence is key for any situation in life, and having a hybrid smartwatch that works with all of your looks, keeps you connected and reflects your unique style will only help to boost the confidence you need to succeed. Our women’s hybrid smartwatches feature all of the intricate details you love about a Fossil watch and all of the smart technology you need to stay at the top of your game. It’s time for an upgrade and our hybrid smartwatches are the obvious choice.