Calling All Curious

All creativity, every ounce of imagination, every idea that's ever been thunk, starts from one little itch: Curiousity.

#CallingAllCurious is the rally cry for our like-minded kin. We're challenging you to show us how you see the world through your curious lens on Instagram.

Color is one of our favorite ways to play with curiousity, and monochrome is the way to go. We want you to find interesting scenarios where Fossil products blend with the world around us. Take a look at your surroundings, sometimes the simplest objects have the most dynamic color. 

Curiosity also drives our minds to look at everyday objects with a fresh perspective. We challenge you to reimagine some of our Fossil favorites and turn them into something new. So go ahead, squint the next time you see a crossbody bag and let your eyes trick your mind.

Share your curious moments with Fossil by including the hashtag #callingallcurious on your most creative Instagram posts.