Now Wearing: Q Wander and Q Marshal Smartwatches

It’s been almost a month since we officially launched our new generation of Fossil Q Display Smartwatches. Q Wander and Q Marshal not only track your steps and send notification from your favorite apps, both watches are statement-making additions to tom(girl) or classic(ish) wardrobes. Did we mention they’re super versatile? You can switch between faces with a few forward swipes and change straps in seconds thanks to the quick release pin functionality.

So, let’s get to the fun part of this story—street style sightings of Q Wander and Q Marshal, from California to New York to Sydney.

Images by @anastasiasouris and @shhtephs

Q Wander’s leather strap version is the perfect wrist companion to wear along your day to day denim-on-shirt look, no matter if you’re running errands or meeting friends for dinner. How cool is the graphic face Anastasia Souris chose for hers?

“On the go go go with my #FossilQ watch.”—Stephanie Arant

Photos by @ashleytkim
Q Wander is a great companion for the girl on the go, considering it tracks your steps and let’s you know who’s calling or texting at a glance.
Photos by @_modernfit and @stephanybydesign
When we talk about smartphone notifications, we also mean weather and flight itinerary updates. Michelle of @_modernfit and Stephanie of @stephanybydesign documented their travel pics in style!
Photos by @talisa_sutton

We recently spotted the gold-tone stainless steel Q Wander on the streets in Australia, and it’s true that it elevates any outfit, however minimal it is. 


“I loved the idea of having a smartwatch, but I knew I didn't want to compromise on style. That's what makes this watch extra special - it looks the part and it keeps me up to date on all my messages and calendar appointments. Basically it's a life saver.”—Talisa Sutton

Photos by @blankitinerary, @lukeditella and @prettylittlefawn
Fossil Q’s “This Is Your Q" room (infinity mirror included) at 29Rooms made the best canvas for plenty of Q Wander and Q Marshal reflective shots. The best part was seeing how every one of the bloggers invited made the new watches their own.
Photo by @pienthesky
There’s no doubt Q Marshal and Q Wander make a great team—just ask Melisa of @pienthesky.
Photos by @thedappermethod and @patricio.ap

Q Marshal’s brown leather strap and navy case have already given new light to a masculine smartwatch look. We like Erik's camo display face, and the way Patricio already made the smartwatch one of his go-to wardrobe essentials.


“Fossil Q make it a bit easier to find what's around you and how long it will take you to get there.”—Patricio Patterson