What’s inside Jamie Chung and Mark Wystrach’s bags?

Role Call! It’s time for a check-in and bag refresh with our favorite fall cast members!

Fossil Kin actress/blogger Jamie Chung and musician/model Mark Wystrach showed us what they carry whether they’re on-the-go or during a campaign shoot in New York (hint hint!). Chances are you’re also getting ready to hit the town (or trail) soon, and a peek inside their bags will be extra-helpful, not to mention quite a treat.


The new Emma tote is the perfect carryall to keep Jamie’s essentials in one place while she’s out exploring. After a quick spill we found a phone case that keeps her favorite gadget safe from the elements, a colorful passport case (a.k.a. your passport to adventure) for overseas travel, the Q Founder smartwatch—her go-to timepiece when she isn’t wearing her Original Boyfriend watch—and sunglasses for curiously sunny fall days.

We asked how she adds jewelry to her daily look, to which Jamie responded: “I'll include a couple of bracelets but not an arm party. My watch prefers intimate get-togethers, not ragers.” Well said!


On the other hand, Mark Wystrach, who’s the lead singer of folk band Midland, is no stranger to days spent on tour. The Defender duffle feels right at home on a tour bus or by a campfire, if that’s where the night leads him. To Mark, it “reflects the idea of being in an authentic journey to adventure, while creating and enjoying as much of this world as possible.”

When asked about the essentials he would pack for some time in the wilderness, Mark mentioned a “reusable water bottle with a filter, a pocket knife and a Fossil watch.”

For surviving a tour, however, the essentials include a shave kit and sunglasses (for maintaining that rockstar look), a leather phone and passport case, and a leather luggage tag to prevent his bag from going on an adventure of its own.