How to organize your workspace and feed your creativity with Kate Arends of Wit & Delight

A quick look at Wit & Delight’s blog and Instagram feed will leave you feeling more excited about taking your home and workspace to the next level. And since the New Year is all about new goals and resolutions, we thought it made perfect sense to partner with Kate and My Domaine to get some insider tips for staying organized and sparkle our creativity with the help of one of our Q Wander display smartwatch.
When it comes to organizing her oh-so modern and strategically designed studio in St. Paul, MN, Kate believes in simple fixes. Start with simple home décor odds and ends to organize desk clutter, color-coordinate your stuff (in her case it’s mostly studio props on open shelves), and activate calendar notification on your smartphone to keep you from missing any alerts. "The best part about using a smartwatch is that I don't have to constantly look at my phone. It's easy to lose track of time when you're busy shooting, or in a meeting, so the discrete notifications on the Fossil Q Wander make it easy to stay on top of my schedule, especially when I am 100% reliant on my Google calendar," says Kate.
On the other hand, thinking outside the box has proven to be handy when turning her studio's kitchenette into a working table and adding wheels to her furniture so that she can practically change the space's layout.
Some of Kate's new year’s resolutions involve making time for her favorite hobbies: writing, floral arrangement, and interior design. A few tips for creative types who aren’t strangers to over analyzing one’s work are to not be afraid to start 'somewhere' and to make time for their craft. “When I don't feel like writing, I set a timer on my Fossil Q Wander to 10 minutes. I have to at least try to put words to paper for that amount of time. If I'm not on a roll by then, I get to quit. It's a great way to feel good about the effort you put in and takes the pressure off of what you made. It's a great way to bring creativity into your daily schedule."
Kate calls creativity a way of thinking, rather than a craft, and this applies to the way she puts looks together to the way she designs her home. "I love that I can switch out my silicon band for a metal one. I can also go for the sporty look with the silicone strap. I also like to add a scarf to my wrist as another way of spicing things up."
Take a peek inside Kate studio and shop her Q Wander smartwatch (and extra strap) below!

Images via Wit & Delight
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