Our Camp Fossil Event in NYC

We had a blast at the Camp Fossil Fall Preview event in New York. We set up camp at La Sirena restaurant in Chelsea. Who earned their style badges? Our Fossil Kin and co-host Jamie Chung (hubby Bryan Greenberg and parents on hand), style bloggers Justin Livingston and Jamal Jackson, as well as fashion editors like Chrissy Rutherford of Harper's Bazaar.

If you didn't see our live story on Snapchat (follow us here!), scroll down and see a few of our highlights from the luncheon. The scene included a decked-out teepee as well as a wildflower DIY bouquet table. Not to mention our newest fall accessories (checklist alert!) and a leatherembossing station.
Fossil Kin Jamie Chung arrived (in style) at Camp Fossil!
We loved her fringe outfit—especially our Original Boyfriend watch.
Kumba-YAH! We put together the ultimate teepee for our guests to experience camp at its fullest.
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Our checklist works for any kind of adventure  heading your way this fall.
Jamie gets our stamp of approval with a new embossed cardholder. O-M-G!
Happy campers Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung hang out in our custom made teepee.
Pretty table settings are the best when you're having lunch with friends.
Guests stayed active at the ping pong table.
Social mavens Justin Livingston and Drew Jessup pick up their wildflower bouquets.
We had the best time at Camp Fossil (if you couldn't tell).
‘Til next time, campers!
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