Bundled Up in Wool and the Gang

Bundle up—these Wool and the Gang hats and scarfs make the coziest of cozy gifts. Wool and the Gang has brought knitting and knit apparel back in vogue thanks to its pioneering fashion production that is both sustainable and community-based. Their #madeunique campaign means every piece is produced in the home with human hands (no robots allowed). We sat down with WATG founders Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood to chat about their style, knitspiration and what they’re wishing for this holiday!
Jade Harwood and Aurelie Popper

Q: You’ve created a worldwide community of knitwear makers. What’s it like to lead such a cool gang?

A: Both the community size of our knit-kit customers and our ready-to-wear Gang Makers totally blow our mind! It's been really wonderful to see it grow and grow over the years, and we love keeping up with everyone on social media. It's amazing to see how our products are brought to life in totally unique ways.

Q: What’s your ‘knitspiration’ this season?

A: Our creative team is made up of different personalities and interests, but it's pretty fair to say that we are very much influenced by the beautiful color palettes of Wes Anderson films, in particular the recent ‘Grand Budapest Hotel'. We literally have walls in the office plastered with stills from the film!

Q: Do you get excited when you spot someone wearing a WATG piece?

A: Ummm yes, absolutely! Even after all these years of seeing our customers in WATG items that they've either knit themselves or bought from one of our makers remains something very special indeed.

Q: Any style tips for wearing the ‘Joni’ scarf?

A: We are pretty into low-key dressing ourselves and so for this scarf we imagine a slouchy boyfriend style blazer, plain t-shirt and high-waisted, nice-and-battered jeans.

Q: What’s WATG’s DNA in five words or less?

A: Sustainable, playful and always unique.

Q: Hats, scarves or sweaters—what’s your go-to winter wardrobe essential?

A: Hmmm, that's a very hard choice! But, if you're rushing about on a winter's day, the coziest go-to item is definitely a nice and chunky woolen beanie. Once your head's warm, the rest of you feels toasty pretty quickly.

Q: What’s on your wish list for the holidays?

A: A couple days of sleep, lots of food, family hang-time and Netflix binges!

Q: The most curious/best gift you ever received?

A: One of our brilliant South Korean suppliers came over to London one time with loads of goodies—fantastic Korean cosmetic and beauty products—which you simply can't get over here.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone picking up knitting for the first time?

A: Wool and the Gang's chunky ‘Crazy Sexy Wool’ plus some of our big Rosewood needles are the best tools to start off with. And, we've just released a super-easy-truly-meant-for-total-beginners scarf tutorial. It teaches you the very basics, like how to hold your needles and everything!

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