Your New Year’s Q Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions. We love to make ‘em. But we (curiously enough) have a hard time keeping them. Funny, huh? That’s why we’re counting on Fossil Q wearables to help us follow through with our new goals to get active, stay in touch with friends and loved ones, and (finally) get to that closet update we’ve had on our to-lists since last year. Read on to see why Fossil Q wearables and #IResolveTo are just the thing to stay on track (and in style) in 2016.
You can’t use an activity tracker to, you know, track your activity if you aren’t wearing it. And isn’t that the hardest part about other wearables out there? Your high heels are saying “Cha! Cha! Cha!” while your wrist demands another lap around the track. Well, we’re pleased to tell you that’s just not the case (literally!) with the Q Grant smartwatch and Q Dreamer and Q Reveler activity trackers. For decidedly unique (and curious) 2016 wardrobe refreshes, a new customizable Q smartwatch or Q activity tracker is just the irre(wrist)able accomplice you’ll need. With a range of colors, designs—think mixed-metals and textures—and interchangeable straps, you’re guaranteed to want your Q at arm’s length day after day (after day).
PING. RING. BUZZ. Did you hear that? Probably not—they happen so often, it’s easy to tune everything out. That’s why the Q Founder smartwatch is so good at helping the doers and dreamers who have resolved to stay in touch in 2016. With touchscreen functionality and display notifications, it’s easy to decide what (and who!) is important, so you can respond quickly and easily. All you have to do: just set up the Android Wear™ and Fossil Q companion apps. From calls to texts to emails, it’s all in the wrist for the smart(y) Q Founder. This year your phone might be going crazy from frivolous beeps and vibrations but you (most certainly) will not.
Ever caught your breath after leapfrogging fire hydrants (guilty!) or had to stop and stretch after biking to coffee (been there!)? You know there’s more to being active than simply counting steps. For the movers and shakers pledging to get healthy in 2016 on their own roller skates—we mean terms—Q Dreamer and Q Reveler activity trackers are just the thing.
And if you’re the visual type, you could also go with the Q Founder smartwatch, which colorfully displays how close you are to those 10,000 steps between coffee errands, your morning commute, and evening strolls (wheels optional). More than that—it does it all while syncing wirelessly to your phone. Bonus: they all look good dressed up or down, so you’ll actually want to wear them day-in and day-out.