designlovefest + Curious Day

All creativity, every ounce of imagination, every idea that's ever been thunk starts from one little itch: Curiosity. This year, we're calling all imaginative makers, wonderers and creative enthusiasts to celebrate Curious Day with us. For this annual holiday, we partnered with one of our most-loved blogs: designlovefest.

Founded by the super-talented (and artistically creative) Bri Emery, designlovefest is a design and lifestyle blog based in Los Angeles that covers everything from entertainment, travel, style, food and more.

We got together with Bri and Maddy, and dug a little deeper to discover the brains behind designlovefest.

What's a curious (quirky) habit of yours?

B: When I'm in the zone, I pull my hair over my face, which sort of looks like I’m smelling my hair (I’m not). Weird, I know.

M: Dotting uppercase i’s!

If your life were a movie, what would be the title?

B: I think I need someone else to answer this for me. I’ve been thinking for 10 minutes and came up with nothing! haha.

M: The girl with the pretzel tattoo.

What curious object do you never leave the house without?

B: My Mophie phone charger.

M: A bottle opener.

Who would make the soundtrack to your life?

B: Amy Winehouse (minus the hard drugs).

M: Led Zeppelin already did.

What makes a perfect day?

B: A hotel room (with a fluffy robe), no emails, a cocktail (or three) and good company. A TV show marathon wouldn’t hurt.

M: Seeing my friends be happy.

What's your go-to pattern/color palate? 

B: I either like all black and white, or really poppy bright colors. Depends on my mood that day.

M: Stripes + poppy red, cobalt, mustard and coral.

If you were to spill your purse, what would you find?

B: An unorganized mess :). Crumpled receipts, 4-5 NARS lipsticks, cat-eye sunglasses, a journal and a few pens, hair ties, eight bobbi pins, my iPhone, my phone charger, a small clutch with credit cards…

M: Phone, wallet, keys and hot pink lipstick.

What quote do you live by?

B: “There is no beauty without some strangeness.” -Edgar Allan Poe

M: Among others, I love the Vonnegut epitaph, “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”.

What do you love about celebrating Curious Day?

B: I love the idea of Curious Day because curiosity is what leads to inspiration and keeps ideas fresh. I always push myself to be curious about the world around me, to learn about new things, travel to exotic places and to ignite my imagination with a desire to know and explore. Being curious is how I’ve gotten to some of my best ideas—asking questions and getting outside your comfort zone is always rewarded. Curious people make the world a better place! 

Where did you find inspiration for the designs?

B: Maddy and I are both HUGE fans of color and hand lettering. I knew she would be perfect for the project because she has a fun, whimsical style and we really see eye to eye on design.

Tell us about the process for designing these?

B: We have a column on designlovefest where she hand draws a favorite quote and matches the color to a recent inspiration. This project felt a lot like those posts! When I saw the Fossil design direction, I could tell there was a very bold and playful element to it. I figured the best route to go with Maddy would be simple yet impactful type with quirky color combinations.

What's your favorite curious color combo? Medium? Font combinations?

B: I love pink and red together. My favorite color combination is impossible to choose, but tonal colors really make me happy. As far as fonts, a bold typeface with a thin hand-drawn script is great.

This weekend swing by a store near you and spin the Wheel of Curiosities for a chance to win a limited edition prize created by designlovefest. If you're shopping from home, discover a few special surprises on our site and receive a FREE limited edition button pack with every purchase.