Calling All Creatives! It’s The Fossil Q Design Contest

Customization is key when you want your smartwatch to match your style. Thankfully for our Fossil Q Touchscreen Smartwatches, not only can you switch between straps, but your display dial can change with a simple swipe! Which brings us to—we are looking for a curious NEW touchscreen smartwatch face design! Who better than our fans to join the creative process?

Here’s how it works: Visit the Q Design Contest landing page and download one of the three templates available. Time to get those creative juices flowing! Print the template and paint/sketch on it (you'll need to scan it later), or make this a digital project using your favorite design app.

Submit your design by October 19 and tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it (yes, we’ll be curious!). A panel of judges will pick the top five designs, and after that, it’s up to voters to decide on the winner.

There’s more! We’ll reward ten voting fans with a Fossil Q Touchscreen Smartwatch while the winning designer will also receive a grand prize of $2,000, a smartwatch and their design will be available (to wear) next spring.

Don't let the blank face scare you! If you need some inspiration, Fossil Kin Jamie Chung also created a touchscreen face featuring no other than her pup Ewok (cuteness overload!)! Here's what she had to say about the process.

Who inspired your Fossil Q face design?

MY PUP Ewok! I’m a huge advocate for adoption, and we rescued Ewok a year and a half ago. He’s our baby! I'm thrilled by the fact that when I’m traveling, I can always have him on my wrist. I’m like the crazy cat lady who has to wear the shirt, the watch and socks with their pets plastered all over them. I thought it would be cute to have Ewok's face on the Q smartwatches.

How does the display face look?
The Fossil team took things to the next level!  Ewok’s face and front paws will be the face of the watch. When the watch is in sleep mode, his eyes will close and he’ll take a nap. When you swipe left, you get the weather. If it’s sunny, he’ll be wearing shades. If it's raining, he’ll have a raincoat and drops of water will fall. And if it’s thunder storming—which he hates!—he’ll get frightened and hide. Swipe left again and you’ll get how many steps you logged in that day. Ewok keeps me in shape, and we are always going on hikes together, so it’s neat to be able to keep track of that.