Mechanicals + Matthew Foley

Perfect for the nerd inside us all, mechanicals showcase the beauty of combining mechanics with modern styles. Our mechanicals exhibits each timepiece’s impeccable inner workings with our innovative see-through casing. Sleek, self-winding and styled to tick on time, our mechanicals collection suits all design nerds.

Matthew Foley’s street style and our mechanicals made a perfect match. The Townsman and Modern Machine mechanicals suited his minimal and clean style effortlessly. Intrigued with Matthew’s style we sat down for a Q&A to learn more about his love for minimalism, architecture and most of all, watches.

Where are you from?

M: Washington, DC.

What's a (curious) habit of yours?

M: I would say my examination of run down and dirty buildings in Chinatown, and finding beauty in unexpected places.

Where are your favorite places to shoot?

M: I enjoy photographing mid-century government and post office buildings for so many reasons. The amount of consideration and money that went into their construction is a testament to a special time in American history, when our country had the means to build such expensive buildings simply to "serve the community." The 1950s and 60s were also a turning point in the evolution of architecture, stone and brick gave way to glass and steel as the new standards for municipal buildings. I have a sense of nostalgia for this time, it has recently become a widespread phenomenon thanks to "Mad Men" - but I have always been fond of this era. Taking a picture of these buildings allows me to feel like I am a part of that era, even if only for a moment.

How did you craft your unique point of view for photography?

M: Taking Andrew Dolkart's walking history of New York architecture taught me to always look up and always question why an urban environment looks the way it does.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

M: Diversity and change.

When looking for a watch what's your biggest request?

M: Minimal and clean.

Describe your ideal watch.

M: Black leather band, silver pearl face, and minimal and simple design.

Who is your style icon?

M: My grandfather. My grandfather always wore a jacket and tie; he was an officer in the US Air Force Intelligence. The regard to tradition, quality, and respect that he exhibited in his clothing inspires me today.

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