April 24, 2017

We’ve partnered with artist, musician, performer and heartthrob Austin Mahone on our Fossil Firsts campaign. When we spoke with Austin, he had a collection of stories of “firsts” shared with his First Fossil as well as his new Fossil Q Activist hybrid smartwatch .

First Fossil?

"My first watch was actually my father's who passed away when I was two years old. Although I didn’t know him, I was able to have a piece of him. So it makes me feel connected to him every time I wear it."

First Kiss?

"We were swimming in a pool. I was just swimming along minding my own business, and she pulls me under the water and kisses me. Who kisses underwater in the pool? Who does that?"

First Drumset?

"I got my first drumset when I was six years old for Christmas. My mom and I were just running errands one day, and we happened to go into a music store, and the first thing I picked up was a drumset, I picked up the sticks and started banging on it. I’ve loved it from there."

Why is this campaign an important first for you?

"I connected with this campaign right away, as I have a personal first story with Fossil. Every time I think about my first Fossil, I think about my dad, which brings a lot of joy to my life. Also, I have a lot of ‘firsts’ I still want to accomplish as a musician, so I really connect to the story of the campaign-remembering firsts you’ve already accomplished and firsts you still want to see happen."

How do you use your smartwatch to balance your time?

"The filtered notifications on my smartwatch are key. To be able to filter the notifications I want when I want them, and really only stay connected to the people I need to talk to makes my limited time so much more meaningful. Especially when I am on the road traveling, I really don’t want to miss a call from a friend or family member."


Q: Who's your #1?

My mom.


Q: What’re your tips on taking a selfie?

I’m a give it to you straight you’ve got to have the right lighting, the right angle, and that’s about it. The secret is a high angle, so everything is coming down. Natural light is key.


Q: What's your signature selfie:?

Sometimes I’ll give it a serious face, sometimes a super excited smile and sometimes I’ll just give you a brow.


Q: How do you disconnect from your phone?

A: Play basketball, go to the gym, go to the beach, hangout with my friends. I think it’s important to disconnect sometimes from the rest of the world and focus on yourself.


Q: What’re your three favorite emojis?

A: The rocket ship, winky/tongue face, and fire emoji...cause that’s all I’m putting out.