April 24, 2017

We’ve partnered with actress, mom and multi-tasker extraordinaire Kristen Bell on our Fossil Firsts campaign.

We’ve partnered with actress, mom and multi-tasker extraordinaire Kristen Bell on our Fossil Firsts campaign. When we spoke with Kristen, she was beaming to tell us about stories of “firsts” shared with her First Fossil as well as with her new Fossil Q Accomplice hybrid smartwatch .


"I first found Fossil on Veronica Mars. Veronica had such a spunky, bold style; both in a fashion sense and in the way she saw the world."


"My high school best friend and I sang at weddings and funerals. We were fedding singers; it was a niche profession."



"When I first met my husband, we would drop what we were doing in the middle of the day and get 90-minute foot massages. Shout out, Cindy!"



What surprised you most about your hybrid smartwatch?

"I like that it removes all the excess noise, both in style and functionality. Many smart watches are tech heavy, but aesthetically, they look like an extension of a smart phone. The hybrid smartwatch feels and looks like a real watch. It has a slim silhouette and doesn’t feel like a piece of technology."

How do you make (your) time more meaningful?

"Having children has made me deeply aware of how simultaneously slow and fast time moves. The best way for me to honor the time I have with my family is to simply be present. We block off hours to spend together- and I try to make sure the time we spend is engaged and connected. Of course, there are moments where we disconnect from each other, but as a general rule, we are committed to being present."


Q: Who’s your #1 on your Q Accomplice Hybrid Smartwatch?

A: Dax!


Q: Describe how you see smartphones:

A: Smartphones are like the bad boys of the twentieth century. Like you yearn for them but are they really that healthy? Breaking up with your smartphone, it’s going to hurt, but a pint of ice cream makes it a little less painful.


Q: Smartphone or Car?

A: If I have my smartphone I can always call for a ride but, I’m going to have to say car.


Q: Where is the weirdest place you’ve left your phone?

A: The bottom of the toilet bowl...when it happens it feels like flight or fight you immediately have to reach your hand in to get your baby out of that toilet bowl.


Q: What’re your three favorite emojis?

A: I do the smiley face a lot, hearts, and I use the unicorn quite a bit.