Our newest smartwatch inspired by National Geographic photographer, world adventurer, extreme climber and longtime Fossil enthusiast.

March 27, 2017

After many months of collaboration and design work, we’re proud to present our FIRST Fossil Q collaboration with adventurer, Cory Richards . Cory is a well known National Geographic awarded, photographer and climber. Since his adolescence, Cory has always had a passion for exploration. He’s climbed and summited over 36 expeditions across seven continents with no signs of stopping now.


After speaking with Cory, we learned about his close connection with Fossil. He received his first Fossil watch in his early twenties, a silver chronograph with a blue dial, this watch traveled everywhere with Cory. While climbing in Yosemite, he cracked the crystal, but it still kept perfect time; then on his first sea-kayaking trip in Australia, the watch filled with saltwater and rusted over. With this spirit of adventure in mind, our design team created a wearable as a salute to the iconic trailblazer and his original Fossil Blue watch.

The Limited Edition Fossil Q x Cory Richards Touchscreen Smartwatch blends the best of smart performance and a striking design. Inspired by Cory's first Fossil watch, we designed customizable faces with light silver, blue and black dials, and splashes of orange on the second-hand and sub-eyes that can be switched with a swipe of your finger. We’ve updated the case with a rugged top ring to off set the streamlined silver-tone case and bracelet.An interchangeable leather strap complete with Richards’ signature tops off this one-of-a-kind design.

Just like the rest of our Q collection, the Cory Richards’ smartwatch features all of the functionalities you love. With Android Wear™ functionality that connects to your phone and an always-on display, you’ll never miss a notification from incoming calls, texts and emails plus much more. The built-in activity tracker counts steps, distance and calories burned whether you’re taking a walk around the park or climbing a mountain like Cory.

Q: What are some of the daily notifications you receive on your Q smartwatch?

“Sadly the first notification I’m likely to get in the morning is an email telling me what the day is going to hold. Usually, the last notification I get during the day is a text message from a friend telling me to come out and I’m usually responding by saying I’m too tired (chuckles).”

Q: What do you love most about customizing your Q smartwatch?

"I think one of the coolest components of this line is the ability to customize it to your own look…you can be more playful, serious or classic. I love all of those tweaks, the little features.”

Q: Who are the six special people you have filtered notifications for?

“That is a tough question...mom, she’s gotta be one, dad, that's two. I don’t have a girlfriend so, that’s screwed. Therapist, just joking. Probably my picture editor, my agent and my best friend,  that’s five. I’ll leave one open for the potential girlfriend maybe…”