Boxing Day

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You won’t want to miss out on our incredible deals this Boxing Day. Grab some of the money you received in your stocking and get ready to find the accessories you want at prices you’ll love. Whether you’re shopping for what you didn’t get on Christmas or you’re finding gifts for a few unexpected guests, you’ll get a great deal on whatever you choose. Our Boxing Day Sale is a great way to extend the holidays and show your friends and family – or yourself – how much you care.

Boxing Day is a special day to see friends and family that you may have missed on Christmas Day. It’s a time to have fun, get a bit silly, watch sports and just revel in being with those you love. Whether you believe that Boxing Day got its name from a historical time or the more modern tradition of collecting money for the poor, we can all agree that it’s a great excuse to keep celebrating with our loved ones after Christmas.


While the big gifting day of the year may be done, you can still stock up on gifts to give your friends and family in the New Year during this sale, or get them the gifts they wanted and didn’t receive. Stock up on watches, wallets, bags and so much more during this sale – no matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find amazing gifts at incredible prices.

We’re about to enter a brand New Year – 365 opportunities to rock your style like never before and own your look more than ever. We think the perfect way to go about this journey is with a watch that is totally you. When you own the wrist and make your watch about something more than just keeping time, you walk with your head held higher and a little extra pep in your step. Shop our leather and stainless steel watches, smartwatches, hybrid or traditional – no matter what style you love the most, find the watch that best represents your style and get ready to rock the New Year.

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Of course, we have other amazing products like wallets, sunglasses, jewellery and more for you to love. Shop our special Boxing Day 2021 selection and keep the holidays going a bit longer.