Red agate pendant necklace and a gold-tone dragon pendant necklace. Two gold-tone watches designed exclusively for Lunar New Year, featuring red dials with dragon details. Gold dragon graphic.

Year Of The Dragon

Introducing our special-edition Lunar New Year capsule, celebrating honour, luck and prosperity.

Lunar New Year

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14 Results
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Wear the Dragon on Your Wrist

Our exclusive Lunar New Year collection is a concoction of style and symbolism. Step into the new year with celebration. Let the vibrant colours and bold designs transport you to a world of magic and fortune. Our specially designed Jacqueline and Everett gold watches feature dimensional dragon crests atop striking red dials. The sculpted dragon detail on our Jacqueline watch has an intricate mix of coloured scales and crystal accents. The fierce, curving dragon on the Everett watch features a slightly antiqued finish. Let your wrist become the canvas for a captivating tale of honour, luck, and prosperity.

Wherever You Go, Wear the Magic

Seize the spotlight with our exclusive Year Of The Dragon pendant. This pendant features a pavé crystal accent and striking red crystal eyes. Let this bold piece be the focal point of your ensemble, embodying the spirit of the Year of the Dragon. Genuine red agate jewellery styles symbolize good fortune for the coming year. Adorn yourself with these fine treasures, embracing the positive energy and auspicious vibes that the Lunar New Year brings.

Bright New Styles for a Prosperous Year

At Fossil, we have crafted our exclusive Year of the Dragon-inspired leather accessories that go beyond the season. We expertly craft our leather bags and wallets, that transform your everyday routine into a magical celebration. Custom-designed dragon details on our accessories add an extra layer of sparkle. It's not just hardware; it's a statement piece that speaks the language of magic and mystique. Let your style shine with the brilliance of dragon-inspired adornments.