When we combine our time and passion, we don't
have to wait for change — we are the change.

Our Ambition

Inspire, ignite and
activate 5 million
changemakers by 2025.*

What Is A Changemaker?

When people make time for good, transformative
change happens. We believe in the power of
changemakers to make the world better for all
of us through acts both big and small.

*Measured through content shares,
donations, volunteerism
and purchases
of Make Time For Good products

How We Do It

Everything we do is in support of
the following categories of service:

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We're Going Pro-Planet

Leaving the world a better place
for future generations.

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Opportunity For Her

Creating the next generation of SHEroes.

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Opening doors through mentors
and peer to peer learning.

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Kindness & Advocacy

Building community and taking action.

Partners In Purpose

We partner with these super-powered organizations
who think like we do and work tirelessly to
inspire, ignite and activate young changemakers.

Logos for Marcus Graham Project, One, Hetrick-Martin Institute, Step Up, Me To We, Open to All, Girl Rising and DoSomething.org.
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Our Pro-Planet Commitments

We're Actively Working To Make The World A
Better Place In Two Ways:

Designing For The Future

Design and produce 100% of our product to
meet our pro-planet criteria by 2025.

Make 100% of our primary packaging
recyclable and/or reusable by 2025.

Lead in circular business model approaches
—where our materials can be used, reused
and reduced—by 2025.

Reducing our Footprint

Reduce water consumption for leather
tanning by 45% by 2025.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%
by 2030.

Eliminate virgin plastics in our supply
chain by 2030.

Visit Fossil Group to find out more about our pro-planet
initiatives as well as our wider sustainability strategy.

Take Me There
A man sewing leather with a sewing machine.

Pro-Planet Initiative: Eco-Leathers


As part of our pro-planet initiatives, we currently source more than 90% of our leather from Leather Working Group certified tanneries. That means this leather went through a tanning process that met strict requirements on responsible water use, wastewater discharge, energy use, chemical management and air emissions.


We're also aiming to have 40% of our leather products made from Litehide—an innovative eco-leather that enables a further dramatic reduction in water consumption, wastewater pollution, CO2 emissions, the use of salt and waste—by the end of 2020.

Kindness and Advocacy

Kindness & Advocacy:
Hetrick-Martin Institute

The Limited-Edition Pride Month watch. Hetrick-Martin Institute Logo.

In honor of Pride Month, we're shining a light on our partner, the Hetrick-Martin Institute — the nation's largest and very first LGBTQ+ Youth Services Organization. In addition to their year-round work supporting LGBTQ+ youth, HMI is now also providing members of this at-risk community with remote resources to help them find assistance—like access to food, medical services, counseling and programming—during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once again, a portion of proceeds from our limited-edition Pride Month Watch will benefit HMI.

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