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Harry Potter™ Limited Edition Collection

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Harry Potter™ Merchandise: Limited Edition Watches & Jewelry

Discover the magic of your favorite wizarding series with our new Harry Potter™ merchandise. We have exclusive Harry Potter™ watch designs representing each house so you can show your Hogwarts pride anywhere you go. We also have Harry Potter™ jewelry that pairs perfectly with your new watch to give you spellbinding style for every occasion. These Harry Potter™ gifts are the perfect way to add the joy of the wizarding world to your everyday life. Take a look at all of our exclusive Harry Potter™ merch today, sign up to be the first to know about new drops and grab your favorite pieces before they’re gone.

Harry Potter™ Watch Designs For Every Fan

If you’re looking for Harry Potter™ watches with time-defying style, you’ll love our brand new collection with five brand new Harry Potter™ analog watch designs. If you’re looking for Slytherin™ merch, you’ll be captivated by our Slytherin™ watch. The house colors green and silver are featured prominently on the watch straps while the house symbol — a serpent — dominates the watch face so there is no mistaking which team you would cheer on at a Quidditch™ match. Of course, our limited edition Harry Potter™ collection also features one-of-a-kind watches for all of the other Hogwarts™ houses as well. Our Gryffindor™ watch features the beautiful red and gold house colors and proudly displays a lion on the dial. Our Ravenclaw™ watch and Hufflepuff™ watch also highlight their house colors and feature their house symbols — the eagle and badger — so you can show off your house pride at work, school, on vacation and everywhere in between. If you can’t decide on a house to represent, you’ll love our gorgeous Hogwarts™ watch. This special Harry Potter™ watch represents all four houses with a colorful dial and Hogwarts™ school logo featured prominently in the middle. Just as there is always more than what meets the eye in the wizarding world, this watch also features unexpected and fantastical detailing on the caseback — the beautiful Hogwarts™ crest. With Japanese three-hand movement and incredible attention to detail, these Harry Potter™ accessories are sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

Harry Potter™ Jewelry With Fantastical Details

If you’re looking to take your look to the next level, you’ll love to complement your new watch with Harry Potter™ jewelry. Our exclusive Harry Potter™ merchandise features Harry Potter™ earrings, necklaces and a Harry Potter™ bracelet. These special pieces are the perfect Harry Potter™ gifts for adults and allow everyone to embrace their true style while showcasing what they love. Our five-piece Harry Potter™ earrings set includes studs of some of the most iconic items in the series. Mix and match your favorite key Harry Potter™ items including a lightning bolt, flying key, Harry’s glasses, the Golden Snitch™ and Deathly Hallows™ symbol. These studs easily pair with each other or your favorite hoops for a look that’s magically you. If you’re looking for something subtle that will go with your Harry Potter™ watch or your everyday watch, you’ll love our new Harry Potter™ bracelet. This chain bracelet features the Hogwarts™ “H” crest and a beautiful gold tone, making it an everyday staple you can’t live without.

Complete your set with a unique Harry Potter™ necklace. We have nine brand new necklaces that give you plenty of ways to express your love for the Wizarding World. Show your house pride with a Slytherin™ necklace, Ravenclaw™ necklace, Hufflepuff™ necklace or Gryffindor™ necklace. Each necklace features the Harry Potter™ house crests, Hogwarts™ “H” charm and intricate detailing that fans of all ages will adore. Our other five Harry Potter™ jewelry necklaces celebrate some of the film’s most iconic symbols and locations. Each Harry Potter™ necklace features either the Hogwarts™ crest, Platform 9 3/4™, Time Turner™, Mirror of Erised™ or Hogwarts™ skyline pendant. These beautiful Harry Potter™ merchandise pieces feature signature vintage-inspired details like rope textures and coin edges mixed with enchanting crystal and mother-of-pearl elements. These Harry Potter™ jewelry pieces look great on their own or layered with your favorite staples; you’ll love the versatility these Harry Potter™ accessories add to your wardrobe.

Harry Potter™ Gifts For All Witches, Wizards & Muggles

Calling all witches, wizards and Muggles! If you’re shopping for Harry Potter™ gifts, now is your chance to find one-of-a-kind Harry Potter™ accessories. Our limited edition collection is full of unique Harry Potter™ gifts sure to delight any fan of the Wizarding World. Find exclusive Harry Potter™ merchandise at Fossil today and discover Harry Potter™ gifts for everyone on your list.