How Much Should I Spend On A Smartwatch?

When you’re shopping for anything, we understand that price is a major factor in whether or not you decide to make a purchase. We’ve designed beautiful, smart timepieces, but you may need a little help making the final decision on what style and price point is right for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.

1. What Functions Do You Want

Our smartwatches and hybrid smart watches are full of useful, innovative features designed to make your life easier. We’ve made fashion one of the leading contributing factors in our design process – along with cutting edge technology – so that you no longer have to sacrifice style. If you’re more old school and want a straight-forward smartwatch, then our hybrid smartwatches are for you. These watches look like a traditional watch and allow you to assign your top contacts to corresponding numbers on the dial so that you know when someone important is calling or texting you. The rest of the features, like activity tracking, are available on our apps. These watches are at the lowest end of the smartwatch price point.

If you want a bit more functionality and display capabilities, our Hybrid HR smartwatches are perfect. While these watches look and function like our traditional hybrid smart watches, they feature an e-reader display on the face that allows you to view your heart rate, the weather and steps at a glance.

Our touchscreen smartwatches cost a bit more, but they offer more interactive features. Customize your dial with your social media pictures, receive call, text, social media, weather and calendar alerts right on your watch. These smartwatches also come with Google Assistant, Google Pay and more – allowing you to access what you need and stay hands-free.

For a more comprehensive look at the differences in our smartwatches, check out our smartwatch comparison chart.

Fossil Q smartwatch and hybrid watch

2. Determine What Generation You Want

The newness of a product determines its price. We are always working on ways to bring innovation and up-to-the-minute style to our smartwatches to give you the best product on the market. If functionalities like heart rate monitoring don’t make a difference to you, you can save some money by going with an older generation smartwatch that has every other capability.

3. How Important Is Convenience In Your Everyday Life

We are often willing to pay for what we believe is important or essential to the success of our everyday lives. If you’re someone who can’t go anywhere without using GPS, you’ll probably determine that our touchscreen smart watch – with GPS mapping functionality – is worth paying a little extra for. If you only use your phone for basic functionality like calling and texting, our hybrid smartwatch has everything you need. You know your schedule and which features on our smartwatches will benefit you the most. It’s why we’ve designed so many options at a variety of price points – to give you options for your life, style and budget.

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