Large Tote Bags

Sometimes you need a go-to bag that's big and sturdy enough to hold all of your stuff without comprimising on style. Shop our favorite large tote bags now. 

Let Our Large Tote Bags Help You Out

There's nothing better than finding the perfect, catch-all accessory that you can trust to tote with you on any and every excursion, whether you're heading into the office or out on a trip. Fossil's broad assortment of fun and functionally large tote bags is comprised of those perfect accessories, so no matter which of our large tote bags you choose, you can rest assured that you're adding a staple accessory to your wardrobe that's as dependable as it is stylish. 

Mix, Match & Personalize Large Tote Bags

One of the coolest things about Fossil's collection of large tote bags are the endless possibilities for customization. Whether you choose a different strap, a bag charm, a letter sticker or even a custom emboss for your large tote bag, you'll be adding a hint of personal style to bag that's already been designed with you in mind. Large tote bags also make great gifts, and with the help of a custom emboss, you can make sure the recipient will always remember how they got their new favorite tote.