Secret Santa Gift Ideas

'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the land, Secret Santas were panicked for having not made their plans.
But Fossil had gathered Secret Santa gift ideas with care, in hopes that the shoppers soon would be there.
The watches were nestled all snug in their tins, when more Secret Santa ideas came trickling in.
From glitzy jewelry sets to wallets that snap, the best Secret Santa gifts are ready to wrap!  
When an alert from a smartwatch buzzed such a clatter, the Secret Santa gifters started to chatter.
"Now Camilla! Now Rachel! Now Carmen and Maya! On Haskell, on Buckner, on Carlyle and Julianna!" 
Away to the shelves they flew with a flash, scooping the best Secret Santa gifts up with a snatch.
To the top of the shopping cart, to the end of the checkout! with a bag of good Secret Santa gifts, they had not a doubt.
Once the presents were wrapped, the Secret Santas waved, and away they all went with their bags of new faves. 
As one exclaimed as they walked out of sight—Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Win the Holiday Season With These Secret Santa Gifts

Win the office holiday fun with these secret Santa gift ideas. Even if you’re not BFF’s with the person you drew, you can trust that they’ll love any gift from this list. Don’t settle for something easy like a candle or lotion. Give them something they want – like one of our beautiful wallets, lovely AirPod case, eye-catching necklace or trend-right bracelet.

We’ve all had that one secret Santa that you can tell doesn’t put any effort into their gift – they just grab whatever is closest to the checkout line. Don’t be that person. Show your coworkers and friends how much you appreciate them all year long by giving them a gift that they’ll be excited to open and rock all throughout the season and into 2019. We know your coworkers are awesome, show them how great you think they are with these head-turning accessories.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Fight Over

We don’t encourage fighting, but there may be some back and forth over who gets to keep your amazing secret Santa gift this year. Gift one of our adorable bag charms to add spunk and loads of personality to your coworker’s favorite purse. Or gift an entirely new purse that will have them drooling. If they can’t swap and steal, you can even give a personalized gift and put their initials on their present to make it extra special. Everyone will be requesting you for next year’s secret Santa draw after they see the enviable gift you get them from Fossil.

Give the Best Secret Santa Gifts

No one can argue that you have style. You own your unique looks and rock every day with confidence. Now is the time to let people in on your secret to fashion success by giving them a gift from Fossil. We have such a large variety of purses, watches, jewelry and other accessories that you’re sure to find the perfect gifts for whoever you draw. If you’re doing a secret Santa with friends, you definitely know their style and preferences. If you’re doing it with work and aren’t familiar with your person’s style, you can have confidence giving them a timeless accessory from our curated list.

At Fossil, we love celebrating everyone’s unique style by creating pieces that can be adapted to any look. From subtle traditionalists to standout modernists, we’ve got something for every taste. We start with our love and dedication to all things vintage – designing products that feature the elegance and timeless style of mid-century pieces. Next we infuse it with modern trend elements to bring it up to date and make it into something absolutely irresistible. Your look is always evolving and changing, and with Fossil products, you can rest easy knowing that no matter how your preferences change, your favorite accessories will always be able to change with you.

Don’t stress about picking out your secret Santa gift this year. We’ve already done all of the legwork and research – all you have to do is pick out your favorite item, wrap it up and wait for the “ooo’s and ahh’s” to start. Shop our selection of secret Santa gifts today.