Which Functions Do I Want On A Smartwatch?

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So what exactly do we mean by smart technology when we’re talking about our smartwatches? We’re glad you asked! 

Our smart watches and hybrid smartwatches are made with technology that allows you to live life connected without sacrificing style. So many smartwatches on the market are geared toward active moments in your life – workouts, gym time, etc. Our smartwatches are ready for active moments as well as relaxed ones. Designed to look like your favorite fashion watch, our smartwatches feature technology that keeps up with you while looking good. Here are a few of our favorite features.

Heart rate tracking smartwatch

1. Fitness Tracking

Whether you’re in the middle of your hardest workout or you’re sitting on the couch binge watching your favorite shows, our smartwatches are designed to track your activity and help you stay on course with your goals. Our smartwatches count your steps, track your distance traveled and calories burned. Our Gen 5 and Hybrid HR smartwatches even track your heart rate to give you an even more accurate depiction of your activity.

2. Customization Is The Name of The Game

No one else in the world has style quite like yours. Sure, you draw inspiration from your friends, family and favorite celebs, but you have a unique way of putting it all together that’s all your own. Our smartwatches are designed to keep up with you. Switch out the straps to match your look – from leather to stainless steel and silicone; we’ve got what you love. Once you’ve decided on the perfect straps for the day, personalize your dial by selecting pre-loaded options or even selecting your favorite picture from social media. Match your mood or match your look – whatever you do, make it personal.

smartwatch functions

3. Constantly Connected

Stay connected to the things and people that matter the most to you with our smart watches. All of our smartwatches give you call and text alerts, while our Hybrid HR and touchscreen smartwatches give you weather updates, social media notifications, calendar alerts and more. Control your music and take a picture with the touch of a button, allowing you to be hands-free when you need it most. You have the power to set up your notifications so you can stay in-the-know about what’s important to you without having to be attached to your phone all day.

4. Google Makes It Easy

We live in a voice-activated world. From casual conversations and phone calls to smart devices in our cars and homes, we’re used to technology that talks back. Our touchscreen smartwatches feature Google Assistant, Google Pay™ and GPS functionality to give you seamless help throughout your day. You can also sync your Google calendar to your watch and receive reminders when you need them. Ask Google for help and get the answer straight on your watch – perfect for hands-free help any time, anywhere.

Our smartwatches and hybrid smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Shop our wide selection of smart watches today and discover the smart accessory you never knew you needed.

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