What Is A Hybrid Watch?

What is a Hybrid Watch

What Is A Hybrid Smartwatch

Our hybrid smartwatches are watches that look like a traditional watch, but function like a smartwatch. The sleek, traditional design of these watches makes it almost impossible to know it’s powered by smart technology. Instead of a touchscreen face, these watches use the minute and hour hands to alert you to your phone notifications.

Stay Connected With Hybrid Smart Watches

With the Fossil smartwatch app, you’ll be able to set up alerts and notifications on your hybrid smart watch with ease. Assign your top contacts to specific indices on your watch and watch as the minute and hour hands point to a specific number when a certain person is trying to reach you. Now you can always know who is texting or calling you without having to be attached to your phone.

Health Tracking With Your Hybrid Smartwatch

While wearing your hybrid smartwatch, you can track your calories burned, steps and distance traveled – you can even use it to monitor your sleep if you wear it overnight. Discovering the duration and quality of your sleep cycles has never been easier than with one of these hybrids. Use the app to set step goals for yourself and maximum your return on your exercise investment and also tweak your sleep schedule so you’re getting as much quality rest as possible. The app can chart your progress each day, week and month so you can get an accurate read of your sleep and activity and how you can accomplish more goals. 

Hybrid Smart Watch Shortcuts You’ll Want To Know

You’re going to love the functionality of our hybrid smart watches. Using the exterior buttons, you can take pictures with your phone, control your music, check the date and even more. Did we mention these watches have a battery life of up to 6 months? That’s right, depending on usage, you can go a whole 6 months without charging your hybrid. When it’s time to change the battery, be sure and check out our helpful tips on how to change a watch battery. Assign the features you use most to the outer buttons to give yourself a fully-customized experience.


Interchangeable Straps Are A Hybrid Game Changer

Not only can you customize your watch buttons and top contacts, you can even customize the look of your hybrid. Our interchangeable straps allow you to personalize your look as often as you want. Each of our watches is designed to easily transition with you throughout your day and your many looks, we’ve also made these mix-and-match straps so you can achieve the exact look you want. Switch your straps from leather to stainless steel or even silicone – only you know the look you’re going for and the schedule you have.

If you’re still feeling a little confused about the differences between a smartwatch and a hybrid smartwatch, checkout our convenient comparison chart for more details. Our hybrid smart watches are the perfect blend of vintage and modern – giving you timeless style with innovative technology. Shop our wide selection of hybrid smart watches today and find your new favorite.

For a quick reference, check out our handy comparison chart below to see the differences between traditional watches, hybrids and smartwatches and shop your favorite styles now.

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