White Elephant Gifts

Rock This Year’s White Elephant Party

Win the office white elephant party this year with a gift from Fossil. We’ve got loads of high-quality gifts to fit the price limit. What’s even better is that you can have full confidence in your gift because you know it’s something anyone would want and it won’t get re-gifted at another party later in the season. It’s a good thing there is a swap limit on gifts because we think everyone will want to snag your Fossil gift – and we won’t say anything if you steal your own gift back.

Our adorable accessories are the perfect white elephant gift for your office party. Full of sass, charm and irresistible style, these accessories fit almost any taste. Find your gift at Fossil and watch your coworkers light up brighter than the holiday lights.

White Elephant Gift Ideas To Inspire the Office

A scarf, candle, gift card – these are just a few of the items that make up the usual white elephant office party gift lists. Break out of the mold and give the gift that everyone will want to fight over. Our accessories and keyfobs add instant personality to anyone’s favorite tried and true looks. Not only do they add value to everyday styles, they will be a welcome surprise in the gift-giving experience. Everyone loves to see what’s inside of the pretty packaging and whether their coworkers have been naughty or nice when selecting their gifts. Top the nice list and treat your friends with one of our delightful designs.

If you need a little help picking out a present, just take a look at our carefully curated list to find the perfect white elephant gift idea. You’ll be inspired to go beyond the expected and give a present that has a little heart, a little fun and a lot of style. From enamel pins to phone card holders, we’ve got a little bit of everything to make their holiday joyful. Rooted in authenticity and vintage charm, our products seek to be on trend while simultaneously one-of-a-kind. They can easily be incorporated to fit individual styles while still representing the latest trends. They make the perfect gifts for the white elephant gift exchange at the office.

White Elephant Gifts That Work

Unfortunately, we’ve all been to that one office party where we got the worst gift in the room. No matter what it was, we knew instantly that we would never use it and no one would steal it from us to give us another turn. Flip the script this year and bring a gift from Fossil. Set the tone for giving enviable gifts with these amazing gift ideas.

Good things come in small packages, and our white elephant gift ideas are no exception. While not quite large in size, the items on this list are exploding with style and personality. It’s the little details that set something a part and by adding one of these little details to their collection, your coworkers will consider your gift one of the best they’ve ever received at the office holiday party. Shop our special white elephant gifts this holiday season and start a great gift-giving trend in your office. While you're here, don't forget to shop our Christmas presents and Hanukkah gifts for everyone on your list this year.