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Check please! You’ll be the first one to offer to pay the check so you can pull out your handsome Fossil wallet and show off your style. These wallets are best sellers for a reason – men all over love these different wallet styles for their functionality and the style it adds to their overall look. The vintage inspiration and modern touches of these wallets make them easy to incorporate into your everyday style and match your unique taste. Not unlike our other wallets, these best selling nice mens wallets are durable, stylish and ready to impress at any given moment.

Part of what makes these the best wallets for men is the ability to personalize them. At Fossil, we believe in making an item that is a true representation of your personal style – tell your story while staying fashionable and current. Get your initials or some other meaningful message embossed on your leather wallet to make it a must-have accessory that is truly one-of-a-kind. These wallets also make great gifts. Whether it’s the holiday season, a birthday, celebrating a job promotion or some other big day, these gifts go above and beyond by adding a personal touch that he will love. Plus, since they are part of our best seller list, there’s a great chance that he will love not only the embossed detail, but the entire wallet as well.

Our Best Wallets for Men Are A Timeless Style Staple

Whether you’re a high-power executive or low man on the totem pole, you’ll love our executive wallets. These vertical wallets have all of the organized space you need while the slim build fits nicely inside a jacket pocket. Keep your dressed up look in tact and without blemish with these handsome, nice men’s wallets. Our magnetic card cases also cut down on bulk while allowing you to carry everything you need, and of course our front-pocket wallets and money clips are also best selling options for the man who prefers not to be weighed down with a bulky wallet.

RFID wallets are definitely part of our best wallets for men collection. These wallets protect the chip in your credit cards to give you peace of mind wherever you go. Select bifolds, trifolds and passcases come with RFID options so that you can carry your favorite wallet style wherever you go while also keeping your information protected. Keep your style preferences in tact all the way down to your wallet with our wide variety of designs.

Throughout the years, we’ve been inspired by different mid-century styles and all of the ways that we can incorporate them into today’s latest fashion trends. Men’s wallets are timeless staples that we don’t see going away any time soon. Even if you prefer to pay using your phone, a wallet will always be needed to carry your license, gift cards and other must-have items. We strive to design wallets and other accessories that are functional as well as stylish – giving you the best of both worlds when putting together your looks.

Shop our best wallets for men to find the accessory that’s perfect for you.