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Front Pocket Wallets Can’t Hide Your Fashion Savvy

Our front pocket wallets are a new take on a classic favorite. If you’re traveling and prefer to keep your wallet in your front pocket or you just don’t like to sit on your wallet or have to move it around whenever you sit down and stand up, a front pocket wallet will keep your day running smoothly. No longer will you have to worry about forgetting your wallet at lunch, leaving it on your desk at work or anywhere else with the easy convenience of this wallet style. Plus, these wallets come in so many designs with so many intricate details that you’re sure to find a style that you love and that enhances your every day life.

These sleek, easy-to-carry wallets easily fit inside of jean pockets, slacks, suits, khakis, shorts and more. They’re a lightweight alternative to carrying a full wallet with you wherever you go. They’re especially great if you’re the kind of guy who only likes to carry the basics – your credit cards, ID and maybe a little cash just in case.

Mens Front Pocket Wallets Fit Anywhere

You’re packing for vacation. Along with your clothes, toiletries and itinerary, you’ll need a wallet that’s easily accessible at all times. When you’re going through security at the airport, you’ll love not having to lug out a big, heavy wallet, digging through it’s contents to find your ID – potentially spilling something or losing it. When buying souvenirs or food, riding rollercoasters or just exploring a new city, you’ll love the peace of mind and convenience that a front pocket wallet provides.

Our handsome men’s front pocket wallets are ready to impress wherever you go. At work, dinner, on vacation, or even just the grocery store, these eye-catching wallets add instant style and authenticity to all of your looks. Made from high-quality leather with Fossil’s signature attention to detail, our front pocket wallets will not disappoint. Some styles can even be personalized with your initials, a special symbol or another type of embossing. Commemorate a graduation, job promotion, birthday, anniversary, or even just a Wednesday – he will definitely appreciate the attention to detail and thought you put into his gift.

Men’s Front Pocket Wallets Provide Style For Every Day of the Week

Your wallet is seen by more people than you might realize – it’s not just something that you put in your pocket at the beginning of the day and remove at the end. When you hit the gym, you transfer it to and from your workout bag; at work, you take it out to pay for client lunches and dinners; you pay for things when out with friends and when you pay for your groceries and so much more. Be sure that your wallet is one you will be proud to show off with a men’s front pocket wallet from Fossil.

We’ve designed these sleek wallets in multiple styles so that you have plenty of variety to choose from. From front pocket bifolds to front pocket card cases, you’re in control of what style works best for you. Shop your favorite styles of mens front pocket wallets today.