Women's Watches Best Sellers

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Popular Women’s Watches Top Our Best Seller List

Classic chronographs, innovative smartwatches, leather straps, silicone and more make up the best watches for women on our best seller list. Maximize your authentic style and enhance your head-turning fashion with your favorite watch silhouette on this list. These popular womens watches come in a variety of styles, colors and designs to give you the freedom you crave when picking out your daily looks. Stock up on your favorite or collect an awesome mix of best watches for women under 500 dollars to keep things fresh and stylish.

For days when you don’t want to be weighed down or encumbered, the minimalist watches on this list are sure to please. Go fresh-faced, throw your hair in a messy top knot, put on your favorite t-shirt and jeans, a minimalist watch and you’re ready to enjoy your day. The carefree, clean design of these watches add just enough style to your outfit without detracting from it or drawing too much attention to itself.

When you want to add a touch of drama and intrigue to your look, our automatic boyfriend watches are up to the task. The over-sized face and exposed gears make this watch a can’t-miss standout no matter what you’re wearing. Our best watches for women will keep your look on point and in style; they are as unique as you are and ready to make a lasting impression that’s truly unforgettable.

Best Watches for Women Celebrate Your Style

Here at Fossil we believe in celebrating everything that makes you, you. From your love of the latest technology to your love of all things vintage, we’re here to design products and create accessories that do more than just look good – they function well and last for as long as you love them.

Our best watches for women under 500 dollars are no exception. They’ve found their way onto wrists all over and are taking looks to the next level one outfit at a time. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, boardroom boss or carefree creative, we’ve got watches for your everyday looks. Large faces, small faces, minimalist or sparkly, these watches are created to help you stand out, blend in and look your best wherever you go. Our best watches for women easily transition from day to night, the office to date night – giving you versatility and one less thing to think about when planning your day; easily go from the office to a party without having to change your watch.

Our crystal-accented watches are perfect for special date nights, holidays, parties and work dinners – showcasing your unforgettable style and cementing your untouchable fashion reputation. These dazzling accessories add a hint of sparkle to even your most understated looks and keep your style fresh all day and night.

Whatever your style DNA is, enhance it with popular women’s watches from our best seller list. Showcase your constant style by collecting your favorite silhouettes or keep things fresh by mixing up your style with a variety of watch styles you’ll be proud to show off. A watch is such a special, personal and unique way to express your authentic style, which is why we’ve designed such a wide variety of looks, giving you all of the options you want. Browse our popular womens watches collection to find your next favorite watch today.