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Vintage style meets modern technology and convenience with our Fossil smartwatches. Cutting-edge technology and the good design of our womens smart watches partner to form the start of a beautifully smart relationship. You don’t have to sacrifice style or convenience with these innovative beauties, designed to keep you connected to the people, apps, music and notifications you love while showcasing the sleek style you’re known for. Your style goes beyond locker room ready, so we believe your watch should too. Don’t settle for a smart watch that never blends with your look or matches your outfits. Our smart watches range from sporty to sophisticated to keep your looks intact and on point.

Our women's smart watches come in stainless steel, rose gold, leather straps, gold and silicone to give you all the fashion options you could want. No matter which style you choose, it will blend into your everyday looks but standout with its exceptional style. Keep access to everything that’s important to you at your fingertips with our innovative smart watches.


Designed for those who are equal parts technology and fashion obsessed, our best smartwatches for women are the watch you’ve been waiting for. We’ve taken your favorite watch trends, put our vintage spin on them and added up-to-the-minute innovative technology to make them a must-have accessory. Track your fitness goals, control your music, get social media notifications and text and phone call alerts all on your wrist without sacrificing the classic vintage style you love.

Beautiful, durable materials and traditional watch details make our womens smartwatches the Fossil classics you love, while leading-edge technology and a crystal-clear touchscreen display face – with customizable display choices – make them an easy choice. With our smartwatches, you get all of the functionality and style you love and none of the hassle.


No matter if you’re just starting out on your health journey or you’re a pro, our womens smartwatches will help you keep track of your activity and important milestones along the way. It will track your movement and encourage you when it’s time for more. They are compatible with a variety of fitness apps so you can choose the plan that’s best for you. Thanks to the sleek design and look of our smartwatches, you can easily transition from the gym to the boardroom without having to change watches.

You can also personalize your smartwatch to match your mood. Change the touchscreen display face as often as you’d like to reflect what you’re interested in at the moment and make it 100% you. You can even switch out the straps on your smartwatch to reflect your style and whatever is on the agenda, making it a versatile staple in your daily lineup. With so many options and functionalities, you’re sure to find a smartwatch that enhances your lifestyle and helps you enjoy every second of the day. Take a look at our extensive collection to find the women’s smartwatch that’s just right for you - and don't forget to check out our stainless steel, leather and blackout traditional watches too.