24mm Black LiteHide™ Leather Strap


24mm Black LiteHide™ Leather Strap

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This strap features black LiteHide™ leather , fit for any case with 24mm lugs.

Product Details

Sku: S241099
Interchangeable Compatibility: 24MM
Strap Material: LiteHide™ Leather
Strap Color: Black
Strap Width: 24MM
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Q: What is LiteHide™?

A: LiteHide™ is our same high-quality leather, but tanned via a resource-efficient process that significantly reduces water consumption, wastewater pollution, CO2 emissions and waste.

Q: How is LiteHide™ different than leather?

A: Both leather and LiteHide™ are made from animal hides, however, instead of using a traditional hide preservation process, LiteHide™ uses a more eco-friendly tanning method, eliminating salt and ultimately the salt-rinsing process. As a result, we significantly reduce water usage in the tanning process (validated by a Life Cycle Assessment). Additionally, LiteHide™ helps reduce carbon emissions in transportation as we can increase the material quantity while reducing weight.

Q: Is LiteHide™ vegan?

A: No. LiteHide™ is not vegan.

Q: Is LiteHide™ a plastic?

A: No. LiteHide™ is 100% leather with NO plastic or polyurethane.

Q: Does the LiteHide™ break in at all?

A: Yes, LiteHide™ is leather so it will soften and wear-in as beautifully as our traditional leathers.