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Father’s Day 2020 is just around the corner – give your dad that best style this year with a gift from Fossil. Different than a tie or power tool, our gifts are accessories he can wear everyday and treasure for years to come because it came from you. Our innovative watches and high quality leather products will keep his style young, fresh and true to who he really is. We’ve got gifts for the high-tech dad and the classic vintage one too.

Dear ol’ Dad has always been your biggest fan. From teaching you to ride your bike, drive a car and helping you move into your first apartment, he’s always been the dependable constant in your life. We know that you love him every day of the year, but Father’s Day presents are a chance to give back to him like he’s given to you. While there’s no present that could ever repay him for the way he’s loved and provided for you, it’s always a nice gesture and reminder to him of how much you appreciate him. From smartwatches, traditional watches, bags, wallets, sunglasses and even jewelry, we’ve designed a plethora of gifts that will make him smile on his special day.


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of gift options for your dad, our carefully crafted list of Fathers Day presents will inspire you and help you select the perfect gift. If your dad travels a lot for work or fun, one of our leather duffle bags and shave kits will go a long way in his world. These sturdy bags up his travel game and keep his look sophisticated while also helping him stay organized.

Speaking of organization, our handsome watch boxes help him keep his favorite watches neat and tidy and ready for everyday adventures. If he doesn’t have a lot of watches to store, this sleek box is also great for holding bracelets, cuff links and other accessories he loves to wear.


Watches for dad are great gift ideas for any dad. We’ve designed all kinds of watches to complement his unique style. For the techie dad, our smartwatches are just the ticket. These watches are made with the latest technology and allow him to track his activity and receive call, text, calendar and social media notifications without having to look at his phone. These watches come in a sport version with silicone straps or traditional with stainless steel and leather strap options that are interchangeable for convenience. He will love the versatility of these innovative watches and his ability to wear them everywhere he goes without losing an ounce of his signature style.

Of course our traditional chronographs are also great watches for dad. We’ve spent decades perfecting the art of designing amazing watches. Our timepieces are available in minimalist and get-noticed styles and more to give him the wow factor he loves. Stainless steel and leather bands come in a variety of colors and can easily be swapped out for different straps to match his daily mood. Exposed gear watches add an air of mystery to his everyday looks while a stainless steel watch pairs perfectly with his favorite stainless steel ID bracelet and a leather watch gives him timeless style wherever he goes.

Shop all of our awesome Fathers Day presents and find the gift that your dad will love the most.