Couple Watch Sets

Couple Watches For Every Perfect Pair

Rings are nice enough, but couple watches are the best new way to show your true feelings. His and hers watches from are a public display of affection that your partner will wholeheartedly approve of. You’re in this together, and a couple watch set is a great way to stylishly solidify your undeniable connection.

Chronograph, three-hand and other watch movements are sure to come in designs that suit you both. You can even choose from hybrid smartwatch sets that will keep you in sync. Options like watch and wallet combinations or watch and bracelet pairings provide something for everyone. His and hers watch sets with interchangeable bezels or straps help you truly customize a unique, coordinated look for both of you. You can also go for a personalized surprise with our free watch engraving. Forever mark your couple watches with a special date, your initials or a memorable word. When you browse a variety of materials, functions, colors and more, you’re sure to find the perfect dynamic duo—just like the two of you.

His and Hers Watches Match Style With Function

Everyone knows that a good relationship is all about compromise. But with Fossil’s his and her watches, neither of you will ever feel like you have to settle. Classic or colorful designs can satisfy a variety of personal tastes. Traditional and modern couples alike will find these couple watches perfectly suited to them. You can even choose a pair that fits your relationship style. If you regularly finish each other’s sentences, show off your synchronization with matching faces and bands. Sometimes it’s the opposites that attract and bring out the best in each other. These duos can’t go wrong with his and hers watch sets that celebrate individuality, yet complement each other in all the right ways.

Power couples everywhere: this one’s for you. Show the world your combined capabilities with a couple watch set that can keep up. Don’t be alarmed if all eyes are on you when you walk into the room together. For times when you’re apart, you’ll always feel connected with his and hers watches on both of your wrists. Traveling for work isn’t a solo endeavor when you’ve got that special timepiece to remind you of them. For big projects or tackling your to-do list around town, these functional and empowering couple watches are ready to help you achieve your shared goals.

Delight Your Special Someone With Couple Watches

Nothing tells your better half “you complete me” better than his and hers watches. For Valentines Day, an anniversary, Mothers Day or Fathers Day, give a gift you both can truly enjoy. There are plenty of cool and classic designs to choose from to help you pick out a style that both parties will love. Want to know the best part of this thoughtful gift? Your partner’s favorite go-to accessory will be made all the more significant knowing it’s something you share. These matching couple watches are like taking a piece of them with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a new relationship or you’ve been married longer than you can count, every bond will be strengthened by sharing these special pair watches.