Mother's Day Watches

Shopping for gifts for Mother's Day 2021? Here's Fossil's collection of Mothers Day watches. We hope you'll find the perfect watch to give your mom this year.

Mother’s Day Gifts To Make Her Feel Like A Queen

Mothers are pretty special. She’s one of the few people in the world that you can call at any time for anything. No question is too dumb, no favor is too big and no time spent together is ever wasted. Moms love us unconditionally, support us, have our backs and are just about the most amazing people in our world. This Mother’s Day, show her how much you care and how appreciative you are for all of the dance classes, soccer games, birthday parties, moving help and more she’s given you with our special selection of watches.

Nothing says Happy Mothers Day like our beautiful selection of Mothers Day gifts. We’ve designed smartwatches, hybrid watches and traditional watches that match her style – it’s up to you to know which one she’ll love the most. Our innovative smartwatches are perfect for the mom on the go and the health-conscious mom. When she syncs her smartwatch with her phone, she can keep track of her activity, receive texts, phone call alerts, calendar reminders and social media notifications all without touching her phone. Whether she’s making dinner or crushing her morning workout, she can always know what’s going on when she’s connected with this timepiece (not only just by using her super human mom senses). If she’s not interested in a touchscreen watch but she still wants to get real-time updates, our hybrid watches are the answer. Designed with a traditional chronograph face, these watches also pair with her phone and let her know who is trying to get ahold of her. All she has to do is assign a number on the dial to a contact in her phone, and whenever that person calls her, the hands on her watch will move to that number. It’s the perfect combination of classic and modern fashion and technology.

Of course, we pride ourselves in creating some of the most beloved traditional watches as well. We’ve designed leather strap watches, silicone strap watches and stainless steel watches that come in gold tone, silver tone and rose gold tone. From large boyfriend watches to small minimalist styles, we’ve got a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors and details for you to choose from. These versatile watches easily transition from casual days to date nights, giving your mom the gift of fresh, stress-free style every day of the week.

Happy Mothers Day

We all love having choices – from what we want to wear, to what we want to eat and where we go on vacation – the freedom of choice is a great gift, and the perfect way to say Happy Mothers Day. Once you’ve decided what type of watch your mom will love the most, give her options on what to wear each day by giving her various watch straps. Our interchangeable straps will make her feel like she’s wearing a different watch everyday, but she won’t have the hassle of having to store a lot of watches – and if she’s wearing a smartwatch, she won’t have to lose data for the day. She’s always gone above and beyond to make sure you had what you needed and wanted; now it’s time to return the favor.

Shop our wide selection of watches and find the perfect Mothers Day gifts for her this year.