Sport Steel Case Watch

Stainless Steel Sports Watch Adds Class to Any Game

Who says athletic looks have to be all rough and tumble? Add some finesse and elegance to the court – or field or both; we’re not picky – with our steel sports watches. A break from the traditional silicone watch that you’re used to, these stainless steel treasures give your athletic looks an instant upgrade. Even better, they’re sport watches that you can wear all day long to work or more formal occasions without hampering your sophisticated look.

When style is important to you – like it ever isn’t – this watch is a great choice. Even your most casual, athletic looks are anything but bland with these watches. In addition to looking great, they’ve been designed and built to withstand everyday use and athletic adventures. From lifting weights at the gym, running at the park, swimming laps or playing in the weekly softball game, this watch is prepared to go the distance and help you score major style points.

Easily transition from any of these activities back into your normal routine – work, parties, dinners, vacations or appointments – without skipping a beat or having to stop and re-accessorize your look. Without the look of a typical sports watch, you can wear this watch anywhere and not feel underdressed. Your fashion choices should work for you, not against you, which is why we love designing versatile pieces that fit in anywhere.

You’re the Real MVP in Our Steel Sports Watch

The next night you’re crunched for time between work and a big date or formal event, don’t sweat it – you can take one thing off your list of things to change when you’re sporting one of our steel sports watches. Inspired by athletics but covered in debonair style, these watches will easily transition from day to night. When you show up for the big night appropriately dressed, on time and ready to impress, there’s no other possible outcome but victory. You’ll leave the best impression on everyone and feel great about yourself, as you should.

At Fossil, we’re inspired by and rooted in tradition. We love looking at vintage styles and finding ways to draw out the best features to combine with modern trends in order to make something totally new and unique. We use only the most high-quality materials and creative minds to design and build our watches and other accessories and give you a top of the line product. Whenever you wear one of our watches, you can walk in confidence knowing that you look incredible and are rocking a piece that will last well beyond the season.

Make a positive impact on your everyday looks with one of these stainless steel sports watches. You’ll love the versatility, durability and timeless charm of these watches – available in a variety of colors and materials to give you the freedom of choice that you crave. Choose a tried and true color scheme, try something completely new to you or mix and match your collection and have something different to match your daily mood.