Rainbow colored text that says "Wear Your Pride."

Create a custom Pride watch with our
limited-edition Pride Month watch case. Pair it with
our rainbow strap, or mix and match with any
18mm strap to show your pride, your way.


In honor of Pride Month, Fossil is partnering with
the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI). This year, HMI
proudly celebrates 40 years as the nation’s largest
and very first LGBTQ+ Youth Services organization.
The Hetrick-Martin Institute believes all young
people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity,
deserve a safe and supportive environment in which
to achieve their full potential.

Fossil has long sought out partners that unleash the
power of youth in communities around the world.
HMI transforms young lives by providing holistic
services and safe spaces that support the WHOLE
young person, while fostering healthy development
through a lens of kindness and advocacy.