Barbie X Fossil: Limited Edition

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Barbie™ Jewellery: Necklace, Bracelet & All The Sparkle

It’s time to shine with the Barbie x Fossil exclusive collection of Barbie jewellery for adults. Layer on the fashion and confidence with Barbie necklace styles such as our gold locket necklace featuring the iconic Barbie silhouette. If you can’t get enough pink, our Barbie jewellery collection also includes a Barbie chain necklace with a subtle pink crystal accent. This collab’s Barbie earrings for adults include rosy crystals and bow-shaped studs. Prepare to be charmed by our one-of-a-kind Barbie bracelet. Signature icons such as flower, hairbrush, roller skate and lipstick pendants embellish the unique Barbie charm bracelet. However you like to dress up, this Barbie-inspired jewellery is made for taking on the day in style.

Barbie™ Bag, Watches & Dreamy Accessories

There’s no such thing as too much pink, and our Barbie purses are here to prove it. Choose the Liza Barbie handbag, reimagined in her iconic Barbie pink with a special interior lining starring the Barbie logo. Or, opt for the Penrose clutch, a beautiful, smooth-grain leather Barbie purse for adults. Pair either Barbie pink bag with our exclusive Barbie wallet and you’re all set for your next adventure.

Fossil’s exclusive Barbie watches will keep you in style and on schedule. Our latest Raquel Barbie watch features some of her most recognizable Barbie icons: a flower charm, a bright pink pump, a roller skate and a classic pink convertible. The special-edition Minimalist timepiece comes with interchangeable straps and an extra chevron topring inspired by the original black-and-white swimsuit Barbie fashion. For something more miniature, you’ll love the new Barbie watch ring. These fan-favorite pieces got a floral redesign to be your go-to Barbie women’s accessories.

Barbie™ Accessories That Are Ready To Roll

Summer just got a lot brighter with these Barbie accessories for adults. From a Barbie silhouette necklace to bright-pink purses, you can build your Barbie-inspired outfit from head to toe. And don’t forget your Barbie keychain when you’re cruising through Malibu or any other destination. These car-shaped Barbie keychains feature wheels that actually roll. When it comes to Barbie collaborations, this one will have you feeling fresh in so many ways. So stack on the Barbie-inspired jewellery, grab your pink bag and get ready to dream big.